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Welcome to FULL LIFE NGO

Mission Statement

We are a social organization based in Stepanavan, Lori Region, Armenia. Our goals are to help the government to solve the social problems of Armenia’s disabled population. We wish to satisfy disabled peoples education, moral, vocational, social, heath, and other need. We seek to help them to feel free of their disability and to integrate them into the body of society to the fullest extent possible, enabling them to have a “full life”. Initially, our work has been to serve the local disabled population of Stepanavan, however we interested in country-wide advocacy and policy for the disabled.




ՀՀ–ում հաշմանդամություն ունեցող անձանց իրավիճակը.
մատչելիություն և զբաղվածություն

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Our Vision

May each eagle spread its wings...


Hot Line

0 8000 13 11





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